Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Peek inside my Medicine Cabinet

Tell the truth, have you ever snuck a peek of someone's medicine cabinet? I quite like opening mine each morning. It's a little haven of order, color and luxurious beauty goodies. (The real secret is that Eric has his own. Banishing man stuff is key to a pretty medicine cabinet.)

The products in the bottom row are the only thing I've ever found to manage my adult acne. The regimen is a bit time consuming at first, but I highly recommend them.

Each of these teeny Mary Engelbright boxes (from the dollar section at Vile Michael's) holds tiny necessities; bobby pins, floss, advil and so forth. It makes poor E crazy since he can never find what he's looking for, but it looks so darn pretty, and I love the quotations. ("A place for everything and everything in it's place" fits the bill here, don't you think?)

I used those wonderful mighty magnetsto create a changing collage of images inside the door. The Hawaiian themed illustrations were a gift from my dear friend Lou on my departure from Minnesota this fall.

What's in your medicine cabinet? Feel like sharing a photo? Shoot me an e-mail: thefabulousmissbATgmailDOTcom

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