Monday, May 10, 2010

Make Your Own May Day Basket with Recycled Cans

I did get around to making these little May Day Baskets...On Hawaii Time! I figured, First of May, Fifth of May, same difference!

Here are the wildflowers I gathered during my morning walk...

All snipped and arranged in water. (Luckily, I had just made Chili the night before so had lots of cans handy. I used my dremel tool to make the holes for the wire handles- quicker than the hammer & nail idea.)

And added a little love note with some hang tags from my vintage paper stash, all tied on with a bit of string.
It was so fun to see my neighbors' faces when I showed up on their doorsteps with flowers to celebrate Spring! One, who is an avid gardener, told me that the greenery is called "Be Still." It must be an ironic name, because you should see how it sways and dances in the breeze! But the best part? This little Random Act of Kindness didn't cost me a penny. Have you surprised anyone lately?

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