Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Make Your Own Floral Lei!

We had our first house guests recently, and I decided to try my hand at lei making.

I gathered the gorgeous pink and white plumeria from our backyard and strung them on some sturdy thread with an embroidery needle. You could use any hearty flower with a solid center. Some leis are made entirely from petals, but I imagine they take hours to create. It took far more blossoms then I supposed, but the fragrance and color were wonderful, and it was a fun way to welcome them to the Big Island!

Here's a bit of lei etiquette you may not know. When you are finished with a lei, you should never throw it in the garbage, as that represents tossing away the love of the giver. Instead, put your lei in a place where it can return to the earth. I like to hang mine on trees in the garden.

What about you? Have you learned something new recently?

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