Sunday, February 14, 2010

What's in My Makeup Bag

Does In Style magazine still have the "What's In your Makeup Bag?" feature? My make-up bag isn't stuffed with expensive brands, nor does it benefit from a product stylist making it glossy worthy. However, there is a place for everything and every single item shown here (including all the lovely gift with purchases Momma D sends along! Merci!) gets regular use.

-Bronzer -far too dark for my face, I mix a few drops in my body lotion after a shower to even out the color on my legs. They are always inexplicably pasty, despite the increase in beach time since the move to HI.
-Foundation, cosmetic sponges, shadow brushes, brow brush
-Tweezerman- truly the best most precise grip ever, well worth the extra money.
-Eyelash curler-I once read that if you have no time for any other make-up, curling eyelashes and adding mascara has the most impact, and I'm a firm believer. Your eyes look so much bigger with a nice fan of lashes.
-Eyeshadow-I love purples and golds with my green eyes.
-Highlighting powder (cool way to eliminate dark spots or shadows, learned during that What Not to Wear binge I'd rather not recall in too much detail.)
-Instant up-do hair pins worn after our wedding ceremony for reception and now used to keep hair off neck in humid Hawaiian weather.
-Four lipsticks: nude, red, raspberry and pink- I'd love to add one of those very vivid peachy colors for spring- does anyone have a favorite to suggest?
-File, cuticle stick, nail scissors
-Peach Fuzz Trimmer(a brilliant invention for those witch whiskers that really do seem to grow in overnight from nowhere) and brow attachments
mascara, mineral blush and bronzer brush

Whew! I'm proud to say that even with all these goodies in my bag of tricks, it takes me less than five minutes to do my makeup each day. Do you have any favorites in your make up bag? What is your best make-up tip?

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  1. My make up bag:
    Kiehl's anti wrinkle cream for men(in the blue jar)
    Jack Black facial scrub
    MAC foundation, blush, brushes
    two way concealer phys. formula
    mabelline waterproof mascara, been wearing it since high school!
    a truly awful curler I need to replace
    Rimmel kohl in blue and metallic green
    eyebrow pencil-absolutely essential
    MAC shadows, they stick the best. Vex is my favorite.
    MAC lipstick for special occasions, purple almost black, a good red
    for everyday burt's colored gloss.
    As you get older, it gets more complicated!



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